Valuable asset leaving our LibreCAD team

We have a very valuable asset leaving the LibreCAD team. Due to personal obligations Dongxu, for some better known as dli on the LibreCAD IRC channel is leaving LibreCAD.

Dongxu was responsible for all LibreCAD 2 versions and have been working within LibreCAD  on various part’s of it’s internals, I think it’s very to say that LibreCAD wouldn’t have been at we are right then without Dongxu. Dongxu was a very active member on the IRC channel (irc://

Lucky for as we have a few other very active member within LibreCAD that are handling a lot of the work for releases, translations and fixes. We also started doing our GSoC project with two students and even we are just one and a half week in, we are getting some great patches for the LibreCAD 3 version!


If you are interested in CAD and know a fair bit of c++ (no, we don’t ask you are a guru, just reading the code and beable to debug is enough), you are more then welcome to join us! We are an open source community and CAD is in our hearts.

Kind Regards,
LibreCAD team!

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    • Victor,

      my apologies for the late response, I was pointed to your questions through the IRC channel but I missed it in my mails.

      We can most likely come up with something for students. But it all depends on the skill set of the student(s) but for sure we can work on ease and harder tasks.

      If you are fine with it, we can work on LibreCAD 3 (it’s a rewrite from LibreCAD 2) but if at the time we see there are issues we need to solve on current release we can work on that as well.

      If you have any questions, feel free to mail me at

      Kind Regards,

    • I will put together a blogpost with the result.
      Although it’s not a finished products, and not even alpha software there was a lot of progress done on LibreCAD 3.

  1. Hello,
    I´m electronic Engineer in Argentina and I know a little bit of C# and I am loking for some code lines to do. How can I help?
    I’m particularly interested in Libraries for Industrial Process Control.


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