LibreCAD 2.0.4 released

While our new LibreCAD_3 engine is under heavy development as part of the GSoC 2014 program, we will still have LibreCAD-2 developments, bugfixes and new features for this version of LibreCAD. Thanks to help from our small but dedicated developers, LibreCAD 2.0.4 is ready for end users.

Here are some major bugs fixed in this bug fixing release:

  • Windows and OS/X printer dialog fails to appear when running Qt5;
  • A patched version of muparser is used by default for OS/X and win32;
  • Update layer for selected entities when a layer is selected
  • Plotting/drawing mathematical equations by smallfix
  • Draw circle by 2 points and radius
  • PIC file importer by cgrzemba
  • Update layer for selected entities when a layer is selected by ajisaacs
  • Lots of shortcut fixes by thomas
  • Arc angle updates for negative z-axis by coryjc190
  • Drawing order regression in 2.0.3

It may take several days for us to prepare and upload win32 and OS/X installers to .

The LibreCAD Team





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