Experimental “Help Layer” support.

Experimental implementation of HelpLayer by the dxf plotF flag, as requested:

request for “Help Layer”

Features of a Help Layer: 1, straight lines on a Help layer is automatically infinite in length; 2, contents of Help Layers are never printed;

Please help testing this new feature in my own repository:


If you find a bug in LibreCAD, or simply want LibreCAD to do more, please file a feature request/bug report at our sourceforge trackers:


Happy holidays and be prepared for LibreCAD in 2012!

The LibreCAD team




12 thoughts on “Experimental “Help Layer” support.

  1. hi!!

    i first want to say how great is to have a free software like this one!!

    And i would like to know if it was possible to had some hatchs?? actually i would like to create a hatch which looks like an insulation part for realizing house plan??

    thank you!!

    Mathieu (from france!)

    • Hi Mathieu,

      Sure, we would like to have more people to help this project. It could be coding, translating, drawing icons, or writing our own user manual/wiki. Of course, you are welcome to submit your hatch patterns.

      The easiest from my view is to send in pull requests from github. You may also submit a feature request with the files attached.



      • Actually i don’t know how to create it?? so why question was to know if there was already some library or something like that??

        thank you!


        • Hi Mathieu,

          Basically, you draw the pattern as a new dxf file. If you are not sure, copy a dxf file in the folder in source code:


          modify it and save it to the system folder: /usr/share/librecad/patterns/ , then, the pattern should be available to LibreCAD.

          Please submit your dxf to the source code of LibreCAD to share with the LibreCAD community. Since all new LibreCAD code is covered GPLv2+ (GPL version 2 or at user’s choice any later version), please state that your contribution is licensed as GPLv2+.



  2. hi!!

    so i created the pattern, i save it in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreCAD\resources\patterns

    but then when i open libreCAD i find it in the choice of the patterns, but when i use it nothing appear on the drawing!

    And i cant find the folder usr/share/librecad/patterns/

    Can you explain me a little bit more??

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Mathieu,

      /usr/share/librecad/patterns/ is for unix-like. As far as you get the pattern show up in the drop down menu, it’s in the right folder.

      Need to investigate more why the pattern can not be used.

      Thanks for exposing this bug.


  3. i tried different scale of my drawing of pattern but its not working!!

    so i’m looking forward for your ideas!!


  4. ok so i tried again but its still not working! the patterns is draw with success but nothing appear in the drawing!

    But for drawing the pattern is there a special scale or a special form to do?

    i’m really sorry!!

    • Hi Mathieu,

      please report a bug on our tracker with your dxf pattern file attached, please make sure you have tested with the HEAD (newest) of the master branch.



  5. I tried few times to enter feature request in the URL provided, but got error all the times.

    My request/question = Is it possible to duplicate a layer? For example copy-paste within the same project/file or copy-paste from one project/file to another project/file? Thanks.

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