First LibreCAD release

Some of you might have noticed, but we released our first version of LibreCAD.
I would have never expected that the QCad fork would have come this far when I startednthe project last year, but I am very happy to see that people picking iup the project, using it and give us feedback on what they like and don’t like about LibreCAD.

LibreCAD 1.0.0 is mostly a fork of the old QCAD codebase but with some changes that solves some licencing issue, some parches we found on the ‘net’ and bugfixes so it will work and compile without problems on at least Linux, OSX and windows machines, both 32 and 64 bit.

So, what’s next?
We want maintain 1.0.0 anyless absolutly necesary, because LibreCAD 2.0.0 is already on it’s way packing with loads of new features, internal changes and ironing out more smaller and bigger items.

I have also giving over the responsibility for the 2.0.0 release to Dongxuli, he has been doing an amazing task already in the math area on LibreCAD and various under-the-hood designs of LibreCAD and organizing 2.0.0 alpha within our github repro, congrats beeing a release manager!

Lastly I wish everybody happy hollidays and a safe and happy 2012!

Ries & LibreCAD team

22 thoughts on “First LibreCAD release

    • Royi,

      I dont know a lot aboutnportable apps, but is there any reason why the osx or windowsninstall wouldnt work? We dont install any ‘weird’ dlls or others, and the binary package is very small.


      • Small package is perfect for making portable. See
        The reason for me to use portable apps is because my machine is locked down, i.e. no admin right to install. Portable apps also allows me to use it anymachine on USB.

      • Fantastic news to have such a nice open source cad-product. I hope that all the work to translate the code will result in a community developed, usable cad program. I think this is good news for the open source community and for a lot of users!

        From my point of view as designer I hope there will be a possibility for .svg export. Collaboration between Librecad and graphic software like Inkscape would be most welcome. The optimal result i’m dreaming of is the possibility to edit my drawings directly in both apps. Maybe this is impossible (this is not my expertise) but it would be nice. I think there are more users who could use the more graphic functions in combination with typical cad-functions.

        Overigens is de Nederlandse versie nog echt voor verbetering vatbaar. De taal is wat houterig en nog weinig elegant. Lagelijst ?? Blok Lijst, maar er zijn er meer. Ik heb ooit eens een lijst gemaakt voor de CE van Qcad maar daar is niets mee gedaan indertijd. Op dit moment heb ik liever de Engelse versie. (Few remarks in Dutch about the translation for the -former- Dutch main developer.)

        Best regards and thanks from a cold, wet and windy Holland.


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