Valuable asset leaving our LibreCAD team

We have a very valuable asset leaving the LibreCAD team. Due to personal obligations Dongxu, for some better known as dli on the LibreCAD IRC channel is leaving LibreCAD.

Dongxu was responsible for all LibreCAD 2 versions and have been working within LibreCAD  on various part’s of it’s internals, I think it’s very to say that LibreCAD wouldn’t have been at we are right then without Dongxu. Dongxu was a very active member on the IRC channel (irc://

Lucky for as we have a few other very active member within LibreCAD that are handling a lot of the work for releases, translations and fixes. We also started doing our GSoC project with two students and even we are just one and a half week in, we are getting some great patches for the LibreCAD 3 version!


If you are interested in CAD and know a fair bit of c++ (no, we don’t ask you are a guru, just reading the code and beable to debug is enough), you are more then welcome to join us! We are an open source community and CAD is in our hearts.

Kind Regards,
LibreCAD team!

LibreCAD 2.1.0, what are we up to this time??

I thought we should make a little update on what we are doing.

After months of development, LibreCAD v2 is ready for a 2.0.8 release in next days, while our developers are still busy to get version 2.1.0 ready.

What’s new in LibreCAD 2.1.0 are some new GUI interface and most notably fixes for icons on HD displays like Macbook retina, in addition to all fixes and enhancement found in 2.0.8. This is a lot of work and we are still with limited resources! (Software developers, see this as a call for help!) We are still working on the 2.1.0 release but with a little luck this should happen soon, within weeks if we are lucky.

The crashes in our build server was properly caused by a overheating mac mini and we are working on getting that replaced by a new mini for our automated builds. For the moment we do build OS/X by hand but the windows build’s are now automated using a proper build server. All thank’s to everybody that has been supporting LibreCAD financially and with kind words and help.

LibreCAD 3 is at the moment on hold but I will call out for help later this year once we are ready again to work on it. We need strong c++ developers with at least some knowledge of c++11 and people that can design and work with API’s. LibreCAD 3 is a lot about being able to integrate into other applications and to build stand-alone tools around the libraries. While LibreCAD v2 is more of a monolith, LibreCAD v3 will be divided into a set of libraries. For sure we will build a UI around it, but we will also have the option to make a scriptable version of it’s core engine. One of our development goal is to design a 2D engine to be used in 3D CAD, such as FreeCAD and  BRL-CAD. Another interesting development is Web based LibreCAD by addition of an HTML5 canvas drawing engine. With an ambitious development plan, we are calling for developers interested in 2D CAD, computational geometry, C++, experienced with API designing and being not shy of a bit of refactoring a code base once a while.

As always, many thank’s for your support and we are looking forward for information, idea’s and just a ‘thanks!’ on our #librecad IRC channel at freenode.

Team LibreCAD

LibreCAD is participating in GSoC 2015

hey All,

LibreCAD is participating again in GSoC 2015. That doesn’t mean we are selected yet! This week is what Oscars is for Open Source projects, the selections for participation in GSoC 2015. We hope we can participate again because last year we had a great time!

I will update after second of march and let you know if if we got any slot’s this year.




LibreCAD 2.0.7 released

LibreCAD 2.0.7 missed the Christmas party and new year eve, but only by days.
First, major fixes: a serious command line regression since 2.0.6: keyboard Enter/Esc support, command line widget in a second screen, etc.  Also fixed are some crashes for tangential circle drawing and polyline addition.


OSX user’s unfortunately need to use macports to install LibreCAD. We are still short on OSX developers and we cannot seem to get the installed and it’s functionalities stable. We are terribly sorry about that. However, once you installed macports you can installed LibreCAD using

sudo port install librecad 

Any brew user’s/dev’s reading this? We would love to also support brew and would highly appreciate if somebody can help us out with brew.

LibreCAD 2.0.7 got a boost on LFF font support with kindly help from: 

  • Petr on Czech fonts in unicode.lff
  • stranger573 on OpenGost
  • AZO on Japanese fonts kst32b.lff

As a new command line feature introduced in 2.0.7, the command line can be used as a calculator by typing math expression after command “cal”. For example command “cal 1+1” to get output “2” 

There are many fixes and enhancement, and please refer the git logs for more details. 

Armin Stebich (11): 

  •       updated Qt version to 5.3.2 for Windows build in
  •       .gitignore clean up, ignore all custom *.* files
  •       improvement of Windows build scripts, pass SCMREVISION to NSIS installer
  •       build-win-setup.bat: allow setting custom NSIS file to match local Qt version
  •       fixed bug #481, disappearing offset line when zooming 
  •       fixed bug #482, misaligned arc option widget on windows 
  •       fixed Splash Screen GroupBox size in Application Preferences, was malformed on Windows
  •       fixed warning in qg_dlgoptionsgeneral.ui
  •       fixed broken HTML tag in doc/index.html
  •       applied patch #460, i18n for desktop file by glixx
  •       fixed github issue #464, switch tab-/sub-window mode with single document

Dongxu Li (67): 

  •       updated SCM version to 2.0.7
  •       selectWindow: no need to set pen for preview
  •       osx use bz2 compressed DMG
  •       circle tan1_2p: avoid duplicated centers
  •       circle: tan2_1p, fixed a crash by right clicking
  •       trim: polyline not by ::trim()
  •       bug#480: fixed crash due to new spline addition
  •       tan1_2p: improved geometrical algorithm
  •       bug#481, fixed nearest point on line
  •       tan1_2p: code correctness
  •       Appollonius: fixed a regress, show candidate centers
  •       appollonius: fixed algorithm to get all possible solutions
  •       ignore certain compound entities when catching
  •       file cleanup
  •       trim: cleanup
  •       fixed enter command, select toolbar regression
  •       tan2/radius: file cleanup
  •       tangent circles: GUI cleanup
  •       commands: added divide and fillet
  •       divide: file cleanup
  •       unified getDistanceToPoint(): experimental
  •       Czech fonts in unicode.lff, by Petr
  •       add GUI actions by new helper functions     Squashed commit of the following:
  •       updated help item
  •       actionPolyline: show options according to mode
  •       added c++11 to CONFIG
  •       muparser: c++11 compiler warnings
  •       polyline: added icons for arc direction
  •       opengost fonts by stranger573
  •       fixed opengost fonts: license, encoding
  •       opengost fonts: fixed encoding
  •       opengost: added blank line at file end
  •       README: fixed a typo
  •       unicode: fix by Petr
  •       bug#485, allow snap to center within an image
  •       fixed a filled arrow brush bug
  •       splinepoints: restore painter pen
  •       line patterns: cleanup
  •       line pattern: use static constants
  •       bug#454, commit e1db360d was lost
  •       added offset to Modify menu
  •       commands: avoid short command ambiguity
  •       command: more short command cleanup
  •       removed c++0x from CFLAGS
  •       lineType: added tiny line types
  •       ascii: allow reading in raw 2D data without point number column
  •       export pdf: append .pdf file extension by default
  •       command: added cli calculator by cal/calculate
  •       fixed a compiler warning
  •       key events: avoid filtering of Enter/Escape
  •       allow Enter/Return for command Continue
  •       updated opengost fonts by stranger573
  •       issue #469 : fixed regression on shortcuts
  •       Updated KST32B Japanese fonts
  •       fixed a typo in KST32B fonts
  •       Added CAD toolbar to main menu View
  •       custom paper size: troubleshooting
  •       win32: updated to Qt-5.4.0
  •       Use Qt arch paper sizes
  •       added printpreview to file toolbar
  •       fixed a qt4 building error by papersize
  •       bug#491, update leader arrow size by drawing options
  •       fixed a rvalue reference compiling issue
  •       disabled command widget event filter
  •       bug#492, dimension extension fixes
  •       unicode.lff: typo
  •       fixed menu item: offset

Pootle (3): 

July SourceForge Project of the Month Ballot

Vote for LibreCAD as

Now it’s your chance to vote for LibreCAD to be the project of the month July 2014!!

If you vote for LibreCAD you will be reward with the ultimate feeling of doing something great for the LibreCAD community! What are you waiting for? Stop reading and go to to place your vote and get that ultimate feeling right now!

LibreCAD on ReactOS

Ever needed to run a windows application but you don’t have a Windows license? ReactOS allows you to do just that! From their website: 

ReactOS® is a free open source operating system based on the best design principles found in the Windows NT® architecture (Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 are built on Windows NT architecture). Written completely from scratch, ReactOS is not aLinux based system, and shares none of the UNIX architecture.

Here is a screenshot of LibreCAD running on ReactOS.

LibreCAD on ReactOS










LibreCAD runs fine in reactOS and in my limited testing It doesn’t crash or did anything strange, the people of ReactOS has done a great job!

ReactOS is under heavy development at the moment and they are prepping for 0.4 release, here you can find more information ReactOS 0.4. Additionally, I would like to point out their Indiegogo campaign. ReactOS is a very complicated system and they need all the help in the world. If you find this a useful project and have used it yourself or planning to, you can support ReactOS financially, go to the IndieGOG campaign and read about more about the plan’s and goals.


We hit the one million download mark!

Hey all, look at what I found here!

Download statistics

We hit the one million download mark! Since we don’t track any user’s through LibreCAD we can only rely on statistics given to us from Source Forge. So I suspect we will have more download’s then just a million, but hé, these are some official statistics, proof!

I am very happy to see this number of downloads and this give’s us all more the reason to keep working on LibreCAD.

happy drawing!

LibreCAD and GSoC 2014 – Under the umbrella of BRL-CAD

This year LibreCAD will be participating in GSoC (Google Summer of Code).

We have tried to get into GSoC in 2012 and 2013 aswell, but unfortunately we where not picked by the good guy’s at google. This year we have been asked by our friend’s at BRL-CAD! Not only did they ask us, but they also asked OpenSCAD and STEPcode.

The main goal of this collaboration is to bring the project’s closer together and hopefully in future we can have these tools collaborate better. Not only on a human level, but also on a integration level for these projects.

For GSoC 2014 we unfortunately will have a lower set a projects due to the lack of resources on our end. Our GSoC 2014 is located overhere : If you have any question’s please don’t hesitate to talk to use on freenode on our #LibreCAD channel or if you want to talk to our umbrella organisation BRL-CAD on #brlcad.

Or send a mail to use through the forum or directly!

R. van Twisk





Bugfix release of LibreCAD v1.0.1

Hello all,

LibreCAD v1.0.0 is a bug fix release called v1.0.1 and is ready to be downloaded from source forge here :

The following main items have been solved:

  • local characters in Layer names broken #288
  • Set cad toolbar snap according to snap mode, bug#3476767
  • Command line: ported fixes for snap commands from master, bug#3476767
  • bug in char 3065 in unicode.lff and general font fixes
  • defaultAction: cleanup at right click, bug#3472526
  • print preview: ported fixes from master branch, bug#3470990
  • zoomAuto: handle invalid factors, bug#3470570
  • ported patch draw() from master, issue#257
  • arc/line intersection: improved tolerance handling
  • scale: added coordinateEvent, bug#3462691
LibreCAD Team,

What’s up with the DWG adoption in free software?

Ok I admit,

I shamelessly copied the title from this excellent article If you are interested why we don’t have DWG support in LibreCAD, then the article is a perfect read for you.

Alexandro did very deep research on the subject and wrote the article, thumbs up!

Now go and read that article!