LibreCAD 2.0.1 Released

Update: 2.0.2 was released after two serious bugs in 2.0.1 were fixed.

After two years of development by our small group of developers, LibreCAD-2.0 is deemed stable enough to replace the aging LibreCAD-1.0.4.Two serious bugs  were fixed in version 2.0.1 after the release of 2.0.0 at the end of 2013. We recommend users to upgrade to 2.0.1 from previous versions of LibreCAD. Windows and OS/X users can download 2.0.1 installers at . If you come across issues due to upgrading from 1.0 series, please report in or at our sourceforge bug tracker.

Some notable changes visible to users:

  1. reworked snapping system to allow simultaneous multiple snapping options; snapping of equidistant middle points;
  2. Helping/scratch layer support. Straight lines are kept infinite and entities are skipped  in printout;
  3. isometric grids;
  4. architectural tick;
  5. support of new ellipse features missing in version 1.0, such as, intersection, middle point, arc length, and tangential direction;
  6. several new drawing features for line, circle, and ellipse;
  7. improved localization, translation for plugins and standard dialogs;
  8. support for a general factor for drawing size dimensions to help scaled drawings;
  9. revert entities direction, developed by effad;
  10. some UI tweaking;
  11. Windows setup registration to add LC in Windows Control Panel
    ‘Programs and Features’.
LibreCAD-2.0 is using a new dxfrw library to handle the DXF file format, and some advantage of the dxfrw library brings are:
  1. New dxf library supporting ascii and binary files, more versions and fully compatible with the specification;
  2. Support of templates;
  3. Dimensions: support for aligned / horizontal text;
  4. Dimensions: added general scale property;
  5. Added support for single line text.
Some internal changes since LibreCAD-1.0 series:
  1. removed Qt3 dependency;
  2. reworked methods to calculate intersections to simplify support for new entity types;
  3. improved many drawing algorithms for performance;
  4. added scripts to allow automatic building on OS/X and Windows;
  5. added boost and C++11 support ;
  6. various code review and bug fixes.
Looking forward to LibreCAD-2.1:
Please share your ideas about the next major release of LibreCAD, and help us reaching there. Help is any form is welcome, and you can talk to us at
The LibreCAD Team

19 thoughts on “LibreCAD 2.0.1 Released

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  2. Hello thanks for amazing program, but with this new version 2.0.2 where is the option to modify text, i can’t found like the verion beta
    Why always if write so much text only see a box not the letters

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  4. When Librecad will have native 3D and dwg support?
    I know the problems with libredwg license.
    Thanks for this good software.

    • LibreCAD will never have 3D support, at most we would like to import the 3D geometry so when save the drawing, Z values will be saved again. But we won’t support true 3D design.
      There are some awesome project’s already that are doing this like FreeCAD, BrlCA HeeksCAD and some others.
      Our goal is to create 2D drawing’s for situations where just 2D is enough.

  5. QCAD 3.4 now under GPLv3! Maybe now make refork source QCAD again to be able to incorporate GNU LibreDWG? Or think about the merger project to bring together as project objectives coincide.

    • Andrej,

      we won’t fork QCad 3, we have our own plan’s and we would like to go our own route in design and philosophy. We are working on a new design as pas of GSoC2014 so we have that going, but it will be a long time still until we have LibreACD 3 released.

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  7. Ce logiciel est remarquable et demande à être connu encore plus sur la toile. Un grand merci à toute l’équipe et si vous pouvez aidez les pécuniairement !!

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