LibreCAD is preparing for GSoC 2018

LibreCAD is again on course for a Summer of Code with Google in 2018.

The first step is done, our umbrella organization BRL-CAD is again selected for mentoring students in GSoC 2018 and so we are too.
Now its up to eligible students to take the challenge and get in contact with us to prepare a great proposal, so we can get at least one of the treasured slots.

More information is available on our wiki page GSoC Check List and the Google site linked above.

The LibreCAD Team

2 thoughts on “LibreCAD is preparing for GSoC 2018

  1. How does one subscribe to or follow this blog? Swinging over from Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2000 as it no longer works with Windows 10. Their subscription offers are Unappealing. Briefly look at the program and am impressed thus far. Willing to donate when you get that up and running 🙂

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