GSoC 2018, Week 3

June 1,2018

Continued working on replacing of the painter member functions.

May 31,2018

Working on replacing the part where the pointer to the painter is made and its member functions are called with the new painter and creating new member functions which do not exists in OpenGL library.

May 29-30,2018

Learning about OpenGL Shaders for the working of the fill (to fill an object with the color given through RGBA code). In particular, using vertex shaders and fragment shaders for rendering on the graphics card and not on CPU.

May 28,2018

Rendering of the coordinates with the cursor using OpenGL functions. Using glutBitmapCharacter() for the printing of the text on the screen and glRasterPos2f(x,y) for the position to render the text. Also changing the font type and font size.

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