CADuntu Beta 4

Hello all!

I am in the middle of moving to a other house, but I guess I can spare a couple of minutes to create a new blog entry.

A couple of weeks ago, I released a Beta3, and shortly after user found some issues, so I never officially announced a Beta 3. I made all changes and here it is… Beta 4!

So what’s fixed then in 3&4?

  • Button/text overlap in toolbar area : 3101744, 3101614
  • Restore and save dockstate: 3091386 patch by Rallaz
  • Replaced older dxflib with new dxf library
  • Added polyline support: from Jan’s qcad free
  • Fixed crash on command line interaction: 3098531 reported by Adamzone
  • Fixed library browser : 3090688, reported by Rallaz
  • Fixed empty images during export: 3095753
  • Closing app works now correctly, when pressing cancel you really cancel: 3103190
  • Layers can be deleted, so as blocks: 3102199, 3105191 reported by rodrigopitanga
  • utf-8 support for layers and block names :
  • Menu errors (also in QCAD) : 3092018 reported by Robert
  • Switching between multiple drawings: 3056455 reported by sliptronic
  • Add some default libraries so the library browser show something.
  • More little things and stuff…

So, all in all I think CADuntu is much more mature now and I am really happy with the support from everybody! There is much more to come, but personally I am hoping to start working on my CAM additions so I can finally put my Mechmate to good use!


26 thoughts on “CADuntu Beta 4

  1. Hello Reis, I’m the maintainer of QCad in Debian and Ubuntu. I’d like to talk to you about your plans and possible test/experimental inclusion in Debian (and an Ubuntu PPA) while your in Beta, and then full inclusion in Ubuntu/Debian when it’s ready. Please drop me an email (you should see it through this post). Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  2. Great update to QT4!!!! Thanks a lots!!! LibreCAD is great name… like LibreOffice!!! Please where list request and bugs in sourceforge??

    I have Ubuntu 10.04 64bits… compile de last svn… but de ppa is great!!!

    I hope report bugs and request soon!!!

    Nos vemos!!!

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