SVN Update with Images and text to LibreCAD


it’s sunday night and raining, and as usual there is nothing on the TV, except the 20th repetition of friends, or a old movie where they show about every 7.5 minutes 5 minutes of advertisement, yuk!

I just updated SVN with a new version of LibreCAD, in comparison with revision 102 (Beta 4) nothing was changed except there is a new splash screen, and all words and files where renamed/changed so that Caduntu is changed the LibreCAD.

Also, be reminded that the projects location is changed to : so don’t forget to update your bookmarks and/or SVN locations.


12 thoughts on “SVN Update with Images and text to LibreCAD

  1. Sneer,

    Rallaz provided RPM’s for Fedora 12 and 13 overhere :,

    I am not sure if he will create any RPM’s for Fedora 14, just send him a mail and check if he is willing to do that.
    If you are confident, you can always try to compile from source from the SVN repository, just follow the Ubuntu compile. The steps to take are similar for each distribution.


  2. Is there any way I could get you to move to Launchpad or Savana (using bzr) or even a git project manager?

    I’d love to contribute or just look at the code admiringly, but svn is a major turn off and sourceforge is so slow I regret when I have to use it to get source files for packaging.

    • Martin,

      at the time I started making the port I had no idea that people would actually like it. Since I already had a account at SF and it does have a forum and mailing list website (at that time no domain was registered) it was a easy decision, I agree SF has a slow website, although SVN works quite fine with this project.

      Now things have changed, rather quickly I must say and I am open to suggestions, if we move to something, it would GIT based revision control (github??) for sure.

      I think that Launchpad doesn’t support GIT, does Savana support Git?


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