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Hey All,

it’s been a couple of weeks again since my last post. I have been squashing a couple of small bugs but today we got a request on what’s the status is on LibreCAD and if they can get it in the archives for 11.04. I think this is good news!

My ownly objection would be that we don’t have the following graphics:

  1. Small icon log:  To be used in menu entries
  2. Splash screen graphics: Shown when program starts
  3. Program icon: To be used as desktop icons, icon in OSX and program icon.

Since we can have a big graphic on the splash screen I though it would be nice to show a drawing there from a open source hardware projects that was designed in LibreCAD. We could even ‘rotate’ this splash screen image with each new mayor or minor release of LibreCAD?

So, if you are graphically skilled please post to this thread 3 links to your designs. When we have a couple of nice designs I will setup a poll so we can decide what graphic to use. We could also have multiple winnars, if you like the logo of person A but the splash of Person B. We can do this aswell. The winners names will also be listed in the about dialog of LibreCAD.

Good Luck!

Ries van Twisk

Contest will be run until Monday 12AM 31th of Jan 2011. After that I will post all submitted images in new blogpost with a poll for the community to select there favorites.

44 thoughts on “Need a logo

    • Thanks Scott for the additional input on that.

      Yes, the graphics needs to be SVG for at least the small icon and program icon. I can live with a splash screen as PNG…

    • more info: background/edges can/should be transparent. It will look prettier when in a dock like Mac OSX, Ubuntu Unity, Windows Task Bar

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  2. Hi all, these is my first message here, so let me thanks Ries van Twisk for this fork of qcad 🙂

    I’m a simply user from italy, with poor knowledge about coding, grafic programs and english language.

    When I read about a LibreCad icon I start thinking. An icon must be representative about the program name and effective use then…

    Libre…. nothing give me the free sensations like the fly. A bird or a butterfly will fit very well with these concept!!!

    Cad… a cad program is the modern version of a grafic tool. A square set and a pencil can give the idea?!

    This is my concept proposal…

    It is just a poor example, a collage of existing icons and simply triangles but if you like the idea I can try to improve it with photorealism character.

    while I am thinking to qt4, the step to kde4 is very short. Why you’re not asking to Oxygen team for an icon? I think Nuno Pinheiro can help us…

    Bye bye

    Luca aka Pedro

  3. Ries, please let us know when the LibreCAD logo contest starts (milestones), and which submissions are being considered to that – i want to being part of this and follow as closely as possible

    • Nitro,

      that’s a good point. I am planning to run it for about 2 or 3 weeks.
      Then I will post a other blog showing all images from all persons and setup a voting system, similar as what I did with the naming of LibreCAD.


  4. Ries, have you sizes in mind? i think OSX uses 128×128 pixel-size for icons, but i don’t know which default sizes are suggested for us to be followed? – or proportions, since .svg files can be that scaled to raster sizes if needed

  5. This is my proposal. I choose the measurement line because precision is really what separates a 2D CAD tool from a normal vector editor.
    The way the measurement line is used also shows that the program is completely “libre” (now).

    There are always two versions, a normal one and one for smaller symbols.
    Of course it’s possible to just use one of them.

    I was not quite sure if the black or the white one is nicer so here are both versions.
    I made them using Inkscape so I would provide the svg i case this is chosen, I just thought it’s easier to show it using png.

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  8. You need a logo? From one soon, sreenshots, a gallery, a list of system requirements, a site more explanatory, with more illustrations … you need much more, came to know this program and found nothing about it.

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