Need help: Translations!

LibreCAD now has a translations server! Visit to check it out. Information is available at:

If you have OSS translation experience and have tips on how to improve our system, would like to add translations for more languages, or would like to become an “official” translator so you can approve people’s suggestions and submit what will become “official” translations, please comment on this post!

17 thoughts on “Need help: Translations!

  1. I can take care of Finnish translations, my own time a bit tight so I don’t think I could translate well that much of lines in next few months…

  2. 我盡我所能,為 LiberCAD 提供正體中文翻譯。
    I would like to try my best to provide traditional chinese translations for LiberCAD.

  3. Hello!

    If you want to become an official translator, please go to and sign yourself up for the translation server. From there send us a personal email and we can give you permissions to submit (instead of just suggest) translations for a language.


  4. I would like to help on the Albanian translation of this program. Can someone show me how to do it, using the file and which word editor?

    Thank you!
    Keep up the good work!

    • I forgot to say that I am alredy registered at Librecad’s Pootle web site but I prefer to dowload the file and work locally… How can I get the italian source files?

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