June developer update

This is a quick post to let people know what has happened in May.

  1. Translations: THANK YOU to all our translators! LibreCAD has been translated (or updated translations of) the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Ukraine in addition to the languages that existed in the previous release. This is a phenominal effort by the volunteers at http://translate.librecad.org
  2. A huge amount of activity on github (over 100 commits last month). Highlights include adding Windows and Mac OSX installer .exe and .pkg for easy installation, Rallaz added a plugin interface to extend LibreCAD and is porting from Qt3 Support libraries to pure Qt4, adding translations, fixing a crasher bug, and the new icons logo and splash screen.
  3. Development of a new home page that is explain LibreCAD and point users to download, installation instructions, and support mailing lists (which are also being set up)
  4. LibreCAD is growing!  500 downloads a day from Sourceforge, and getting close to 10,000 installs on Linux distributions.

The current plan is to finish the new website and then release a Release Candidate (RC1). You can always grab the code from github to build yourself (instructions are on that site) to see a preview of the current state of LibreCAD.

Thanks again to all the contributors and developers!

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