LibreCAD 1.0.0rc1 Release (Get It While It’s Still Hot)


we are very happy to announce that we created a our first release candidate 1.0.0rc1 to be precise and we created installer packages for both Windows and OSX you can download. Linux users are advised to use there distributions package management. More information can be found here for Debian and Ubuntu, RPM packages for OpenSuse, Mandriva and Fedora. If you know or have packages or installation methods for other distributions, please get in touch with us so we can add the information or link to you.

What has changed?

Many things has happened since our beta5. To name a few:

  1. Created new Logo thanks to Diego
  2. Create new icons thanks to pablo
  3. Many translations has been added, we are now at 24 translations, WOW!!!
  4. Lot’s of bugfixes that where reported by users through sourceforge. Bug Tracking
  5. Rallaz is working on a plugin interface he is doing great work.
  6. A inline help file (the original QCad) help file is now included.
  7. LibreCAD has now a official website where general (non developer) information can be found.
  8. A plugin interface is being added, this is still work in progress….
  9. And last but not least, we added a donation option. hint….hint

We see a lot if blogs talking about LibreCAD something that’s very positive and when doing general google searches we see the number of results just on LibreCAD increasing, this is just great!

Source Repository

Our currently official source repository is now located at github. If you don’t know git or github well, not to fear, there is a download option available that can give you a tarbal of one of the tags, or simple the latest version available. We also keep the SVN repository at source forge in sync with github, but it won’t contain any tags and it might be outdated with a couple of commits. This is currently a manual job to sync this up. For any package maintainers, please use github, that will always give you the latest version and a proper tag if you have any specific git questions please let us know.

User and developer communication

We are now using Nabble as our official developer and user communication method and we embedded the forum on teh website for easy access. You can use as a forum if you like forums better, but it’s also possible to use your mail client to submit questions and receive answers. The forum is located here. The forum at SF is still available for reference, but we prefer the Nabble system for user and developer communication.

If you have any patches (plain diffs) or bug you would like to discuss you use the source forge trackers over here. If you did clone our github repo at github, you can simple send us pull requests we will review and apply. We will however keep en eye on both trackers it’s just that github’s issue tracker is like sticky notes compared to source forge bugtracker. It’s just that github’s git integration rocks!

Special thanks

I would like to put a special thanks to the following persons:

  • Scott for helping adding LibreCAD into Ubuntu and Debian distributions
  • Rallaz for supporting and adding new features to LibreCAD and for his RPM repository, he is working on a plugin interface aswell!
  • Diego and Pablo for supplying the program icons and splash screens, as promised you are mentioned in the about of LibreCAD.
  • All translators, they are doing a great job translating LibreCAD into new languages and improving the current translations.
  • All submitters of patches and bugs into a bugtrack. Some items I simply don’t find because I don’t use a specific OS or don’t use a specific feature.

Let us know what you thing!

Have a great weekend


12 thoughts on “LibreCAD 1.0.0rc1 Release (Get It While It’s Still Hot)

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    • Taras,

      we are currently waiting for bug reports for the RC version, if no bug reports come in, we will simply make the first release.

      DWG support is in the pipline and we are planning to add that, however we are waiting for the LibreDWG guys to come to us with more information around there license.


    • Taras,

      I have identified the problem and the solution is available for RC2 for LibreCAD and has been added to HEAD of LibreCAD in github.


  2. Hi!

    I found LibreCAD just a few days ago! Seems very nice and Hey, sign up on ! It is not every month I have 5$ to spare as a poor student, I am sad to say. A piece of my cake through flattr, on the other hand… 🙂

    • Taras,

      Ukrainian translation should not have been deleted and I am going to lookup what happened to it, when found it will be added back again.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. There is a bug ( to my knowledge)
    In file :

    LibreCAD/src/main/qc_applicationwindow.cpp (line 3998)

    //doubleCharacters=doubleCharacters.mid(doubleCharacters.size()-2,2); //WRONG
    doubleCharacters=doubleCharacters.mid(doubleCharacters.size()-1,2); //RIGHT

    This causes that when pressing or or libreCA aborts due to an ASSER in Qlist becuase the index is -1.

    • Victor,

      thanks for the report,

      although I couldn’t make it assert, I can see there are potential issues with it.
      Essentially what that line tries to do is take the last two characters and make sure the QList of doubleCharacters is always less then 3

      so I modified it to :
      if (doubleCharacters.size()>2) doubleCharacters=doubleCharacters.mid(doubleCharacters.size()-2,2);

      In your case, when you do size()-1 I would only get the last character and doubleCharacters stays 1 or less so I cannot type ‘li’ anymore to start creating lines.

      Fix is going to get added for RC2 and master

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