1.0.0-rc4 released


Today we have released 1.0.0-rc4 of LibeCAD, no we didn’t skip rc3 but at that moment we got a message from Ribbonsoft that we are not allowed to include the fonts and documentation into LibreCAD. Apparently the fonts and documentation were not released as GPLv2 and we were asked to remove that from our distribution. We included the qCAD fonts and docs previously, because Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, openSuse and many other distributions and QCad forms have (had?) that included.

I personally strongly believe I was in my right to use the qCAD docs and fonts because no exception was made in the open source CE download section of the Ribbonsoft site and no exception was made in any of the license files and readme within the tarball, therefore, I just included it, I am not a lawyer so, there we go…

So with 1.0.0-rc4 we have removed all fonts and docs from qCAD and have created our own font format called LFF, this was done by one of the developers, Rallaz, who did an awesome job here. LibreCAD is still backwards compatible with QCad’s original CXF fonts, so in case you created your own CXF fonts you can still use them, from now on all LibreCAD fonts are releases as GPLv2 or higher.

Unfortunately, we don’t have new documentation but we are working on to organize this as a new project within LibreCAD. I am afraid though we will not be able to make this for our first 1.0.0 release, as all our developers are busy working on other exciting development areas.

Have fun using LibreCAD!

6 thoughts on “1.0.0-rc4 released

  1. 很好的软件,但是开发进行的似乎很慢,社区也不很热闹,软件本身支持多国语言,却不提供多国的讨论论坛。

    • I think you mean new features. by default, new features only go to the development branch not the 1.0.0_rc branch.

      If you get some ideas about improving LibreCAD, please file a feature request/bug report at our trackers listed at:


      Of course, any help on development is welcome.


      More work is needed to get complete CJK font support though.


  2. How I could help to create a new documentation for LibreCad?
    Do not know much about formats to create documentation, but the best would be one that can do translations into different languages.

    • @zerberros: We are working on setting up a environment to have documentation created on a collaborative way.
      For this we are planning to setup a wiki and have a tool in place that can generate PDF and inline HTML documentation based on MediaWIKI.

      Creating documentation is going to be a very large effort and if want to help us out here, then please get in contact with us, or mail me at librecad@rvt.dds.nl

      thanks in advance and support for LibreCAD!

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