Bugfix release of LibreCAD v1.0.1

Hello all,

LibreCAD v1.0.0 is a bug fix release called v1.0.1 and is ready to be downloaded from source forge here : https://sourceforge.net/projects/librecad/files/

The following main items have been solved:

  • local characters in Layer names broken #288
  • Set cad toolbar snap according to snap mode, bug#3476767
  • Command line: ported fixes for snap commands from master, bug#3476767
  • bug in char 3065 in unicode.lff and general font fixes
  • defaultAction: cleanup at right click, bug#3472526
  • print preview: ported fixes from master branch, bug#3470990
  • zoomAuto: handle invalid factors, bug#3470570
  • ported patch draw() from master, issue#257
  • arc/line intersection: improved tolerance handling
  • scale: added coordinateEvent, bug#3462691
LibreCAD Team,

4 thoughts on “Bugfix release of LibreCAD v1.0.1

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  2. Thanks for your great efforts.

    Can i ask you a question?

    my job is electronic parts sales.
    i occationally use CAD Viewer (free software) for my company.
    but this is inconvenient because it’s not have a ‘Dimension’ ‘Modify’ so on.

    so i want to use this great software for my company.
    but i am worried about patent(?) or that it’s necessary to pay the price of using this software.

    Could you answer me?

    • Clack,

      LibreCAD is release under the GPLv2 license.

      You shouldn’t have to be worried about any patent issues, if there would be such issue, then these companies would come to us and not to end users because you didn’t infringe the patent anyways.

      As a end user all you need to know is that the software you use is released as GPLv2.

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