LibreCAD 2.0.0alpha4 Released

We are pleased to annouce the releasing of 2.0.0alpha4 after two months of development since 2.0.0alpha3.

New features implemented since 2.0.0alpha3: dxfrw is now the default dxf library for LibreCAD; Painter draws only visible part within the viewport; All intersection point location is by a unified quadratic form; Initial implementation of hyperbola, but there’s no GUI support yet, therefore, not visible to end users; Added a circle drawing method: to draw tangent circle passing two given points.

There are a lots of bug fixing, but we do have some high priority bugs left broken in this release, mostly due to the complexity of those bugs.

Here’s a list of contributors since 2.0.0alpha3 in alphabetic order:

Dongxu Li, Erik Pagel, Mario Frasca, Michał Szczygieł, Rallaz, RoboMod, Scott Howard, unknown(???)

Please feel free to join us to make LibreCAD a great 2D CAD and geometry tool!

The LibreCAD Team

8 thoughts on “LibreCAD 2.0.0alpha4 Released

  1. You guys rock !

    Thanks for heading up this project and taking Linux 2D CAD where it needs to go.

    I’m loving what I am seeing in alpha4. Just last week I was trying to draw circles tangent to lines with 1.2. It was frustrating to say the least.

    Keep this up and LibreCAD is going to rock.

    • Hi,

      Actually, we have the powerful quadratic form framework now. We can handle tangent circle of line/circle simultaneously, but the line part is not implemented yet.

      I will start to implement it for the recent added methods:

      tangent circle of an existing circle, passing two given points;
      tangent circle of two existing circles, passing one given point;

      we already have methods to draw common tangent circles of 3 given tangent circles (Appollonius’ problem), and common tangent circle of 3 lines (inscribed circle). we can expand this to include:

      common tangent circle of 1 line and two circles
      commont tangent circle of two lines and one circle


  2. as a “good” autocad user i can tell you that LibreCAD 2.0.0Alfa4, now really works ! This is really starting to happen. Would suggest the follow things and LibreCAD will be on par with most…

    1 – command line short cuts… should be a text file the user can change, (keyboard input is the essence of drawing with two hands – its what make CAD fast)

    2 – when ever I use the keyboard be it the numeric or alpha keys this should automatically appear on the command line… i.e. all the keys / keyboard should be focused automatically on the command line. Should not have to ctrl-m, (which does not seem to work). Not having to shift the users looking from the drawing to the command line is also what makes CAD fast.

    3 – changing properties should allow multiple as well as single selection, (more forgiving… cause as much as one tries you land up placing a lot of line with the wrong properties… even experienced users)

    I am certainly going to start making the change to this program!

    Keep up the excellent work!


    • Hi sergio pereira,

      We have added a command alias feature after 2.0.0alpha4. We can still add more cli support here.

      Also, we are releasing 2.0.0beta1 soon.

      Welcome to the development of this free drawing/geometry tool!


    • Hey,

      we where planning to make a blogpost but the person that was preparing that got disrupted, we will get a blogpost out soon.


      • “we will get a blogpost out soon.” – November 28

        I really like your project and your work, but it’s sad that the last official news is from June 24.

        Any new infos about the release of LibreCAD 2.0?

        PS: LibreCAD ist now available in Wikipedia in 8 languages. Hooray! 🙂

        • We are close to beta2 now.

          We have fixed most reported bugs reported to our bug tracker.

          Bob has been working on a user manual, to complete the missing part since the beginning of LibreCAD. We should be able to release 2.0.0beta2 in about two weeks.

          Please help us speeding up the stabilization process by using, testing LC and report bugs, suggestions.


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