LibreCAD 2.0.0beta1 released

We are pleased to announce the releasing of 2.0.0beta1 of LibreCAD.

Some of the new features implemented since the previous alpha release: feature complete of the dxfrw library, SVG export, a “Clear” button for command line, support for both text and mtext entities, filter layer list by regex, several tangential circle drawing methods, a new quadratic form engine for intersections, and hatching of ellipses.

There are also lots of bug fixes.

With 2.0 in stabilization stage, we would like to hear more about your ideas on  new features expected in our 2.1 release. Some thing we have been talking about: Bezier and spline support, better hatching algorithms, geo-reference support, better command line and scripting ability, etc.

The LibreCAD team

14 thoughts on “LibreCAD 2.0.0beta1 released

  1. Hi all

    You’re proyect is marvellous, but RPM downloads are not accessible from your web page, I’m using Fedora 18, and I would really like to be able of downloading the RPM package of LibreCAD 2 Beta 1

    Could you please reactivate the RPM download area? or could you please give me a link for the hosting of the files on sourceforge? (ones I found the files for Fedora 17_x86.RPM on sourceforge, but I never found them again)

    Apart from that it’s really good to see proyects like this working on CAD apps for Linux 🙂

  2. Hi, I think it’s great you guys are doing this. I’m not a coder so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that but as a user the two features that would make the biggest difference to me would be:
    1. The ability to live reference other drawings (i.e. not have to copy them into the current file) making it possible to work with a consultants drawings without affecting his drawing
    2. The ability to rotate the drawing plane in the view making it possible to draw sections at different angles without having to copy and rotate the plan.

    Fantastic that you are working on an open 2D CAD – I think these two features would make it so much more useful for me.



  3. What I’d like to see is:

    Be able to insert a picture and scale it according to a reference measure, and from there scale the whole model.

    … don’t know the exact word for it so i’ve try to explain it 🙂

    • Hi,

      I’m wondering if we should support plotting in some intuitive way.

      We may try to exploit the powerful MuParser to do the math.

      Please talk more on this at our forum.


  4. Hi all,
    first of all, congratulations. I’m using Debian Squeezy, and soon I will upgrade to Wheezy; searching on the web, I’ve noticed that only version 1.xx is releable for Debian. I would like very much having the possibility to use version 2.0 also on Debian (because in version 2.0 the “align” command has been inserted, and that’s foundamental for archeological purpose).

  5. Excelent!… Thanks for such great effart and work!… Get finally a “Libre” alternative in CAD is a wonder after a so long domain of comercial only software…

    Thanks for great work… (I am really glad of my donation in the past and hope make another donation soon… 😉 ).

    Best regards!

  6. I would just like to ask if there are some plans to make bindings for libdxfrw for other programming languages, like Python for example?

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