LibreCAD 2.0.0beta2 Released

We are pleased to announce the releasing of 2.0.0beta2 of LibreCAD.

After hard working for 4 months, LibreCAD is stabilizing down after many bug fixes for:

1, dxfrw; 2, printing; 3, OS/X specific crashes; 4, some Windows specific building support;

Please continue to help us reach the stable 2.0.0 release faster by using LC-2.0.0beta2 and reporting bugs to our sourceforge bug tracker. Please note it may take days for us to prepare the the installer files for downloading, while the latest source code is always available at:

With the future 2.1 version in mind, we would like to hear more about your ideas on  new features expected in our next stable release after 2.0. Some things we have been talking about: Bezier and spline support, better hatching algorithms, geo-reference support, better command line interface, scripting, and scripting ability, etc.

Even more ambitious, we are very interested in porting LibreCAD to mobile platforms, please feel free to talk to us on mobile CAD at our forums:

The LibreCAD team

20 thoughts on “LibreCAD 2.0.0beta2 Released

  1. Is there a download somewhere for Beta 2? The last one I see is Beta 1 on SourceForge. Should I build it from source?

    Oh… nevermind – just read this: “Please note it may take days for us to prepare the the installer files for downloading”. I guess I’m just a bit antsy. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beta 2 is still very unstable, especially in brand points and guides.
    Haching will not working good. It only works in single closed objects and not composite figures.
    If everything would work propperly, it was an excellent program.
    Much praise to the creators!!!
    Ton van den Goorbergh, Netherlands.


  4. Hi,

    I used librecard only once to design a large device.
    Though it was constantly crashing, not opening files properly, and in the end I realized it was easier to draw everything on paper.

    Please focus on stabilizing this software. In my opinion mobile version wouldnt be useful anyway. I do have iDesign on my ipad and it’s useless, it’s impossible to use it with fingers or any pen. Project is already slow, and putting effort into mobile app would ruin it.

    Please focus on fixing critical bugs to make program usable.

  5. I can join the critics of Mateusz: you have a really great program, but you should focus on stabilization before going complete new ways like a mobile version (which usefulness I also doubt).

    Also there are a lot of things you can do to open the programm to more audiences: I’m missing the – for me very important – data fields when exporting or printing a drawing
    (like this one from the german wikipedia:

  6. first of all thanks for your hard work on this project !!!

    okay now try to give constructive critics :
    – there are no shortcut manager in this application like for example in kde programms or other related qt projects.
    – most actions cannot be accessed via keyboard directly
    – no right context menu
    – i would wish better gui widgets for layer activation and grouping
    – autocomplete in console
    – better switching between inch and metric
    – ….
    – i could go endless here

    so you see there is plenty room for impovements 🙂
    i would also recommend to focus on desktop version,
    focus on compatibility with professional tools, so normal people can view this application as a good open source replacement for their needs

  7. Please concentrate on the desktop version. Fix its bugs (i.e. take heart of what qtdev wrote) and don’t waste time and energy in sth., which doesn’t provide any usefullness. Seriously, who wants to manage his/her CAD-works with 10″ tablet computers?

  8. Aunque muchos ya lo han comentado, lo escribiré en español (Por si en el equipo de desarrarrollo hay hispanos). Por favor traen de mejorar la estabilidad del actual proyecto y no empezar a diversificar el proyecto en aspectos que no parecen ser “muy relevantes” (mobile platforms). Además recuerden que es importante el tema de soporte para archivos dwg.

  9. LibreCAD is a good cad program. I like give to the team of libreCad 10 ideas for the dev of this program:

    1.- The grind can be disable by default?
    2 .- the icon´s set is very green, we stay very much time on the computer
    (please change o give us the option to change to other)
    3.- the command line is very big (by default)
    4.- change the font of the status bar to 10 or more (by default)
    5.- is confused the use of the word “capa” in spanish translated…why not put “layer” in all translations?
    6.- put the focus on the command line when we use the Esc key and when we use some command (by default)
    7.- i Now that are working on a manual but a little reference list of commands is a good help to start for the autocad and others cad users… is easy start when you know some tools…
    8.- can you put a dwg converter (thirdparty) that works perfectly with this software (certified by the librecad dev team) or recomend someone?
    9- when i draw a line in the draw, a circle point of reference stay in the window (when i press Esc key) can you fix it?
    10-osnap autocad fuctions is need for the draw.

    Really like this program… i probe it on a machine with 128 of Ram and go very fast!… Good work…

  10. Hello. Your program is great. I really wanted you to add in librecad styles for the text and sizes. So the editor of styles and sizes. In each country, different rules of drafting (normative literature). For example we in Russia when applying the size of the buildings and many other things on the edges of themselves sizes are not arrows. Use of forward slashes.
    (Здравствуйте. Ваша программа мне очень понравилась. Мне очень хотелось чтобы вы добавили в librecad стили для текста и размеров. Так же соответственно редактор стилей и размеров. В каждой стране разные правила оформления чертежей (по нормативной литературе). Допустим у нас в России при нанесении размеров зданий и многих других вещей по краям самих размеров используются не стрелочки. Используются слеши. )

    translated by an interpreter

  11. Lisp integration — PLEASE!!! I do not want to use AutoCAD anymore, please show us some love and let us migrate our existing routines. Other than that, keep up the awesome work. LCAD is the bomb!

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