LibreCAD 2.0.5 is released!

We are pleased to announce the release of LibreCAD 2.0.5.

Windows and OS/X Mavericks(10.9) installers can be found:
OS/X Mavericks:

In this 2.0.5 release, we added or changed since 2.0.4:

1, interpolation spline, Draw->Spline->Spline Points  (designed by Pavel Krejcir);
2, File -> Export as PDF
3, Korean language support;
4, smooth scrolling/zooming (designed by Oskar Linde);
5, allow user to hide splash at loading;
6, gcc-4.10 support;
7, Work-in-progress, finding enclosed area within a contour;
8, added appdata.xml;
9, “Modify->Round” renamed to “Modify->Fillet”
10, command line aliases can be made for both regular commands and short commands.

We also fixed many bugs since the 2.0.4 release.

The LibreCAD Team

9 thoughts on “LibreCAD 2.0.5 is released!

  1. I’ve just installed LibreCAD and I really like it.
    But if I have to be critic I will say two things about the interface:
    I prefer unsatureted icons than green ones;
    QCAD shows the shortcut when you hover an icon and this really help.
    With this two changes I think LibreCAD can be even more appreciated.

  2. Hi! What happened with Linux? I cannot see the 2.0.5 version for Linux.
    Also, I have to contact with local team of Argentina. It exist?
    I don’t speak good english 😛

  3. Hello dear The LibreCAD Team!
    I thank You and respect for the tremendous work to support and improve LibreCAD!

    Please consider enable the library LLGE (GNU GPL V2) in the project LibreCAD.
    Or at least post a link to the project LLGE on the resource
    This library contains the graphical notation elements of electric circuits, kinematicheskikh schemes, refer to plank and other.
    In my opinion it would be convenient for novice users.

    Project references:

    With respect and best wishes,
    Ivan M. (Mihalich_) author LLGE.

    P. S. I Apologize for computer translation.

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