LibreCAD 2.0.7 released

LibreCAD 2.0.7 missed the Christmas party and new year eve, but only by days.
First, major fixes: a serious command line regression since 2.0.6: keyboard Enter/Esc support, command line widget in a second screen, etc.  Also fixed are some crashes for tangential circle drawing and polyline addition.


OSX user’s unfortunately need to use macports to install LibreCAD. We are still short on OSX developers and we cannot seem to get the installed and it’s functionalities stable. We are terribly sorry about that. However, once you installed macports you can installed LibreCAD using

sudo port install librecad 

Any brew user’s/dev’s reading this? We would love to also support brew and would highly appreciate if somebody can help us out with brew.

LibreCAD 2.0.7 got a boost on LFF font support with kindly help from: 

  • Petr on Czech fonts in unicode.lff
  • stranger573 on OpenGost
  • AZO on Japanese fonts kst32b.lff

As a new command line feature introduced in 2.0.7, the command line can be used as a calculator by typing math expression after command “cal”. For example command “cal 1+1” to get output “2” 

There are many fixes and enhancement, and please refer the git logs for more details. 

Armin Stebich (11): 

  •       updated Qt version to 5.3.2 for Windows build in
  •       .gitignore clean up, ignore all custom *.* files
  •       improvement of Windows build scripts, pass SCMREVISION to NSIS installer
  •       build-win-setup.bat: allow setting custom NSIS file to match local Qt version
  •       fixed bug #481, disappearing offset line when zooming 
  •       fixed bug #482, misaligned arc option widget on windows 
  •       fixed Splash Screen GroupBox size in Application Preferences, was malformed on Windows
  •       fixed warning in qg_dlgoptionsgeneral.ui
  •       fixed broken HTML tag in doc/index.html
  •       applied patch #460, i18n for desktop file by glixx
  •       fixed github issue #464, switch tab-/sub-window mode with single document

Dongxu Li (67): 

  •       updated SCM version to 2.0.7
  •       selectWindow: no need to set pen for preview
  •       osx use bz2 compressed DMG
  •       circle tan1_2p: avoid duplicated centers
  •       circle: tan2_1p, fixed a crash by right clicking
  •       trim: polyline not by ::trim()
  •       bug#480: fixed crash due to new spline addition
  •       tan1_2p: improved geometrical algorithm
  •       bug#481, fixed nearest point on line
  •       tan1_2p: code correctness
  •       Appollonius: fixed a regress, show candidate centers
  •       appollonius: fixed algorithm to get all possible solutions
  •       ignore certain compound entities when catching
  •       file cleanup
  •       trim: cleanup
  •       fixed enter command, select toolbar regression
  •       tan2/radius: file cleanup
  •       tangent circles: GUI cleanup
  •       commands: added divide and fillet
  •       divide: file cleanup
  •       unified getDistanceToPoint(): experimental
  •       Czech fonts in unicode.lff, by Petr
  •       add GUI actions by new helper functions     Squashed commit of the following:
  •       updated help item
  •       actionPolyline: show options according to mode
  •       added c++11 to CONFIG
  •       muparser: c++11 compiler warnings
  •       polyline: added icons for arc direction
  •       opengost fonts by stranger573
  •       fixed opengost fonts: license, encoding
  •       opengost fonts: fixed encoding
  •       opengost: added blank line at file end
  •       README: fixed a typo
  •       unicode: fix by Petr
  •       bug#485, allow snap to center within an image
  •       fixed a filled arrow brush bug
  •       splinepoints: restore painter pen
  •       line patterns: cleanup
  •       line pattern: use static constants
  •       bug#454, commit e1db360d was lost
  •       added offset to Modify menu
  •       commands: avoid short command ambiguity
  •       command: more short command cleanup
  •       removed c++0x from CFLAGS
  •       lineType: added tiny line types
  •       ascii: allow reading in raw 2D data without point number column
  •       export pdf: append .pdf file extension by default
  •       command: added cli calculator by cal/calculate
  •       fixed a compiler warning
  •       key events: avoid filtering of Enter/Escape
  •       allow Enter/Return for command Continue
  •       updated opengost fonts by stranger573
  •       issue #469 : fixed regression on shortcuts
  •       Updated KST32B Japanese fonts
  •       fixed a typo in KST32B fonts
  •       Added CAD toolbar to main menu View
  •       custom paper size: troubleshooting
  •       win32: updated to Qt-5.4.0
  •       Use Qt arch paper sizes
  •       added printpreview to file toolbar
  •       fixed a qt4 building error by papersize
  •       bug#491, update leader arrow size by drawing options
  •       fixed a rvalue reference compiling issue
  •       disabled command widget event filter
  •       bug#492, dimension extension fixes
  •       unicode.lff: typo
  •       fixed menu item: offset

Pootle (3): 

14 thoughts on “LibreCAD 2.0.7 released

  1. Good news,
    It would be nice to have direct link to tarball with sources for 2.0.7.
    I downloaded sources from git yesterday, but they doesn’t compile.
    the error is:

    /TMP/SBo/LibreCAD-20150112/librecad/src/lib/math/rs_math.cpp:302: undefined reference to `mu::ParserBase::DefineConst(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator > const&, double)’
    /TMP/SBo/LibreCAD-20150112/librecad/src/lib/math/rs_math.cpp:303: undefined reference to `mu::ParserBase::SetExpr(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator > const&)’
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Do I miss something?

  2. Hi guys!
    How to install or just download the new version of LibreCAD? All I can get for my Ubuntu is 2.0.4. There is no 2.0.7 version neither in Ubuntu repos nor in the librecad ppa stable. The newest version there is still 2.0.4.
    So, how can I get the latest release, please?

    • For Ubuntu we need to wait until it’s in PPA, usually that goes relative fast be we don’t fully control this process.

      Fortunately, building on Ubuntu is relative painless.

    • Historically we don’t provide Linux build and we leave that up to the distro’s to take care of building this.

      If you want latest on Linux and you cannot wait for your disto to provide you a version then you need to compile this yourself.

      We have this page : which isn’t always up to date, but also take a look at the supplied readme.

      We also hangout on the #LibreCAD IRC channel on freenode.

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  4. Hi,

    What I should say after installing LibreCAD 2.0.2 from Ubuntu app store is that ‘I am loving it!’. I am an electrical engineer and was looking for open source platform for tools and it’s development for engineering application.

    I have started using it for creating various blocks as electrical symbol library and with use of own created bocks the efforts can greatly be reduced to create design drawings.

    Please let me know how can I upgrade to 2.0.7.

    Thanks to LibreCAD!


  5. It says that OS X users need to install macports and install LibreCAD from the Terminal, however, when I go to the OS X link to sourceforge it downloads the dmg file and it runs just fine. Is there something I’m missing here?

    Also, can someone explain the differences between 2.0.7,, and 2.0.7-Mavericks?

    • Ryan,

      in the past we have had issue with compiling LibreCAD and running this reliably on the various versions of OS/X. Running LibreCAD using macport’s is very reliable because it’s a compiled version of libraries that are known to work.

      2.0.7-Mavericks Is just a version compiled with flags for Mavericks.

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