Bug fixes and new selection box

CADuntu's new selection boxSliptronic has been giving me a lot of feedback lately, and I am trying to squash the bugs as fast as he puts them on my desk, It’s kinda fun  working this way and I am very grateful he does test CADuntu and provides feedback. So today I have been working on getting the screen properly updated after a entity is de-selected. There are/many of these sort of issues because the way QCad used to renders on the screen isn’t supported by Qt4 anymore. Mostly notiably XOR operations during drawing and in Qt3 3 it was possible to draw outside of the paint event. With Qt4 all this work has been brought inside the paint event. For this, 3 QPixmaps where created:

  • Layer 1 -> Draws grid and paper, basically the bottom layer
  • Layer 2 -> Draws the actual drawing
  • Layer 3 -> Draws the overlay, items that are currently in action like moving and drawing of lines, but also the Snapper and selection boxes.

This will speed up overlay performance of CADuntu by not drawing everything over an over again unless we have to. Second, by moving this all in the paintEvent we can take advantage of graphics acceleration.

So, today I worked on getting the [Edit] menu fixed with proper check marks for [Grid], [Draft] and [Status bar] and with accelerators so they can be accessed through they keyboard commands.

On last item I made today, was a colored box with alpha layer selection of entities. This looks a lot better, and I feel it’s much more clear then the original cyan colored rectangle. Here is a small video that snow’s that in action : http://screencast.com/t/MzMyYzg5O


5 thoughts on “Bug fixes and new selection box

  1. ..oh, ..finally someone made gpl qcad to run on mac – congratulations and many many thanks!
    I’ve been trying to compile community version from ribbonsoft but with no success so i gave up. Looking at various mac forums everyone says there is no decent free cad program for mac but tons of them for Win and linux, so congrats. Those few free have poor dimensions and hatch functions or in many cases no dxf file save but some exotic extensions. I have some quite demanding cad drawing stuff to do next week so I’ll try making it with this your version as test ..will give some feedback back for bugs if you want ..got nothing to loose anyway, if it becomes too hard I guess I’ll have to give those 24 eur to ribbonsoft – I can’t afford some “real” expensive cad for now and do’t want to mess with cracked versions.. 🙂

  2. Hi Ries,
    I am a QCAD user (CE mostly) and would gladly help in debugging, but I do not run a mac.
    Your blog says caduntu compiles under Linux, can I get the sources ??


    • Bob,

      you can checkout a version from SVN.
      If you have GCC 4.2 or 4.4 installed and a recent version of Qt.
      Then it’s just a matter of running:


      Let me know how that goes…


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