Moved away from forms3, hurray!

I just committed a new version of CADuntu, with it’s main ‘new’ feature that I moved away from using forms3 and uic3 and the forms now are natively qt4. That said, the project didn’t move away your from q3support so that’s still in there. I feel that this isn’t really a real biggy, as long as the software works as it suppose to work, right?

I still have some standing issues reported by sliptronic and I feel that they are annoying enough to keep this software still in Alpha. Sometimes the icons seems to clutter, and text queues in multi-step operations are not shown correctly. These are somewhat the more harder items to tackle because I haven’t played around much with that area of the software. However, in reality I haven’t seen any crashes anymore since a update a couple of weeks ago.

I would like to invite you to try and compile it, if you want I could make a screencast how to compile and run on Windows. It’s really not at all that hard, you only need a SVN client like TortoiseSVN and the QT4 SDK (use the lgpl version), even I could do that on windows!

anyways, I truly hope I can make a binary release for windows pretty soon as soon as I have figured out how to make a install script. Somebody suggested to use NSIS

Ries van Twisk

2 thoughts on “Moved away from forms3, hurray!

    • Andrés,

      I know about that project, and I have been mailing with the person. As soon as the current builds are stables (Windows, Linux and OSX) and most annoyances are fixed. I will start implementing some of the community patches I found on the net.

      So the answer is yes, I will implement that some time in the feature.


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