LibreCAD is participating in GSoC 2015

hey All,

LibreCAD is participating again in GSoC 2015. That doesn’t mean we are selected yet! This week is what Oscars is for Open Source projects, the selections for participation in GSoC 2015. We hope we can participate again because last year we had a great time!

I will update after second of march and let you know if if we got any slot’s this year.




3 thoughts on “LibreCAD is participating in GSoC 2015

  1. Congratulations on your selection in GSOC! I have been using LibreCAD to design a HIFI speaker, and I like it a lot. I used some of the tutorials on YouTube to get up to speed. I used to have a couple of crashes on certain operations, but these seem to have been fixed when I changed to the daily build PPA. For me the top feature requests are:
    1) An easy way of linking lines (e.g. connect half a circle to a straight line, to a curve etc) It is ok if the lines get converted and linked as a Polyline (ie, select, link as Polyline). When exporting e.g. to Blender, it is a lot of work to link all the different lines.
    2) An easy way to calculate area (Ie, area contained by object, area between two objects). With the current function I end up building a spreadsheet on LibreOffice to calculate area. I set up a grid to calculate areas of irregular shapes.

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