CADuntu roadmap

First, a little history about CADuntu and why I started to do the QT4 port.

Initially, when I was working on my CNC machine I was slightly irritated by the fact that I couldn’t ‘send’ my design directly from QCAD to EMC2. I had to save the file, load it into dxf2gcode, save it back again and load it back into EMC2. This looked a rather time consuming. And as such, I decided to make a little CAM additional to QCAd CE.

When I started to do the work, and looked around I noticed there where a lot of complains about that QCad CE was only available for Qt3, and if I would give my CAM program any change to be used by others, I came to the conclusion that I needed a version of QCad in qt4. When looking around, there where some projects available, ideas and what not… But nobody really did it start to finish with a well working version of QCad that could be compiled and run on Linux, OSX and Windows with the default QT SDK. So I decided to make my own port, this would lead me to the advantage of knowing QT’s internals better, in case I needed to know that during my CAM project. And hopefully this version of QCad will be taken into the many Linux distributions.

So, here is the roadmap aka TODO list:

  • Get CADuntu be compiled on Windows, Linux and OSX – Done
  • Reorganize the sourcecode so it only needs one QT .pro file – Done

For Beta release:

  • Make it work as if you are on QCad CE, but then with the qt4 interfaces – work in progress
  • Fix all segfaults

For final release:

  • Build accelerators for menu’s – in progress

After Final Release

  • Move away from qt4support library – in progress, but many things todo still
  • Build Windows and OSX packages – TODO
  • Add CAM utils like pocketing, profiling etc…

last thing, why the name CADuntu?? It sounded fun but it has nothing TODO with the Ubuntu project.

R. van Twisk