Beta1 status is reached!

Today I was looking at my roadmap, and it pretty much looks like I reached my beta1 status goal. In my first post I did mentioned I needed to have the following solved for beta release:

  • Make it work as if you are on QCad CE, but then with the qt4 interfaces – DONE
  • Fix all segfaults – DONE

However, not only that was solved, I also managed to make basic OSX and Windows packages. They are pretty much ‘bare bone’ and for OSX I really want to make a DMG installed, but now it’s just a zip. Most people on OSX would know what to do with that, right?

Anyways, for windows I created a NSIS file that will be soon committed to SVN so anybody that knows NSIS better then me, and that should be pretty much everybody that knows NSIS can create a better version.

Hope you enjoy this version of CADUntu and please leave a comment if it worked, or if not worked for you here or in the tracker in sourceforce.

R. van Twisk