Beta1 status is reached!

Today I was looking at my roadmap, and it pretty much looks like I reached my beta1 status goal. In my first post I did mentioned I needed to have the following solved for beta release:

  • Make it work as if you are on QCad CE, but then with the qt4 interfaces – DONE
  • Fix all segfaults – DONE

However, not only that was solved, I also managed to make basic OSX and Windows packages. They are pretty much ‘bare bone’ and for OSX I really want to make a DMG installed, but now it’s just a zip. Most people on OSX would know what to do with that, right?

Anyways, for windows I created a NSIS file that will be soon committed to SVN so anybody that knows NSIS better then me, and that should be pretty much everybody that knows NSIS can create a better version.

Hope you enjoy this version of CADUntu and please leave a comment if it worked, or if not worked for you here or in the tracker in sourceforce.

R. van Twisk

9 thoughts on “Beta1 status is reached!

  1. Hi. Thanks for your new release. I have put a link in this forum:

    I think that QCad-pro will have many problems with software freeware like DRAFTSIGHT. It will be a hard competition. But Caduntu is free software and it could have best chances. You can make this software more interesting than QCAD-pro. You could make it better with sources like libreDWG

    Good Luck

    • Andres,

      indeed libDWG is on my wish list, and I think many others!
      What do you mean QCad has problems with DRAFTSIGHT ?
      Looking at your site, you can also add Linux to the list of supported operating system 😉 Actually, it should really work on all systems that support QT4.


      • Sorry. I don’t understand how I can install it in linux. The forum is for final users like architects, not for developers.

        I’m refering about Ribbonsoft business, and the QCad professional software. I think it will be problems because it’s a software without DWG and comands differents to Autocad (and it has a cost). Draftsight is a freeware software, running in linux, works DWG files and it’s simillar to Autocad (then, who pay for QCad?).
        But, other Open Source software like Qcad Community and Caduntu have a chance, because they are free, and easy to install.

        Sorry for my english. I ‘m just learning.

        • Andres,

          it’s quite hard to make a universal software tool that works on all linux distributions,
          however compiling software on linux is usually very easy. As soon as I have a good feeling that I can make a binary source for Linux, I will do it… but honestly I hope that one day that this software will get included in the main distributions as can be installed using a package manager.

          You are right though, Draftsight is not open source, and as such we as developers cannot add functionality to it without being waiting (sometimes for ages) until some company implements it. Also it happens quite often that a company pulls the plug on there free tool, or continues to provide that tool for a fee.

          Lastly, DWG support is planned using one of the open source DWG libraries. (see


  2. $ make

    src/lib/engine/rs_entity.cpp: In function ‘std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, RS_Entity&)’:
    src/lib/engine/rs_entity.cpp:864: ошибка: cast from ‘RS_Layer*’ to ‘int’ loses precision
    make: *** [intermediate/obj/rs_entity.o] Ошибка 1

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