Need help: Translations!

LibreCAD now has a translations server! Visit to check it out. Information is available at:

If you have OSS translation experience and have tips on how to improve our system, would like to add translations for more languages, or would like to become an “official” translator so you can approve people’s suggestions and submit what will become “official” translations, please comment on this post!

Adding DWG support

Currently I am doing some experimentation to add DWG support to LibreCAD. For this I an using the LibreDWG (I like Libre 😉 ) library from the project.
There is only one slight issue, LibreDWG is released as GPLv3 or higher, while LibreCAD is released as GPLv2, and since I am not the original author of LibreCAD (remember, it’s QCad based, and that is released as GPLv2).
Lucky us, after mailing the original authors they are considering releasing LibreDWG as GPLv2 or higher which will bring us in good shape for supporting the frequently requested DWG support.
In the last couple of days, I have been fooling around with this and it seems like that will work quite well, however not every primitive and function is working yet and there is plenty of things todo, but what I have been adding went fairly smooth.
So far I am importing:
  • Layers + Layer clor
The following entities including Color, Line Width and Respected layer the entity is located on.
  • Line
  • Circle
  • Arc
  • Ellipse
The above entities are for me a proof of concept and proofs that adding full DWG support (what LibreDWG support) should be quite a bit of work, but I don’t expect any roadblocks for further implementation.
Now it’s waiting untill LibreDWG get’s released as GPLv2 or higher and I can push this to LibreCAD on github.
In the mean time, if you want to take a sneak peek at the current code, you can clone my github repo and checkout the dwgsupport branch. Please don’t distribute this version, just use it as a sneak peek until the licenses are settled.

Screenshot of LibreCAD with DWG support

Beta 6 plans, Community Development, Ubuntu 11.04

Here’s an update with what LibreCAD is up to:

Logo contest update:

There were some great submissions and comments, but no clear cut choice for the logo. Dalton Designer appears to be the leader. We’re going to set up another poll on the front page of librecad where you can vote, and hopefully get more people interested so we can come to a more general consensus. We’ve also been working on improving the icons inside of LibreCAD to adopt our own unique color scheme (green) and remove non translatable text from the icons.

Beta 6 plans:

Work is continuing on Beta 6. An autosave feature is completed, and we expect the new icons, logos, and splash screen. For the future, we’re also planning on getting the help working (ported from qt3’s qassistant to qt4), but that might come after beta 6.

Community Development:

The interest in the LibreCAD project has greatly increased since Ries started it a couple months ago. To keep a project of this size sustainable, it needs constant contributions from the community. To facilitate a move to a distributed development model, we’ve started up a github repository. Future development will take place there, as will bug tracking. We’ve also set up a wiki that anyone could contribute to.

GitHub location:
Issue tracking:

For those new with github:

We’ll evaluate pull requests from anyone, and if someone shows enough interest we can give upload access to the main repository.  Fork the code, fix a bug or add a feature!

We’re a community project, so we are always looking for help:

  1. Bug reports
  2. Participate on the forums (we need to set some up! if you’re interested in helping ries moderate and maintain the forums, reply to this post)
  3. Translations
  4. Bug fixing, incorporating new features
  5. Edit and maintain the wiki
  6. Just using and testing LibreCAD!

On a related note, check out a Spanish-speaking site for LibreCAD at: (thanks to Pablo “PRAR”)

Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty):

LibreCAD will be in the default Ubuntu repositories for version 11.04. You can install it from the Software Center! It will also be the default CAD for Edubuntu.



First o all for the people that celebrate New Year around this time, a Happy new Year and the best wishes for 2011! May the source be with us…

I need your help with something. LibreCAD comes by default with a set of stickfonts. However there are some symbols that are not available in these stickfonts, for example Ñ and ñ and possible many others, we have also some entries in the bugtracker revering to these missing characters. Now these stick fonts are not my strongest point so my questions are:

  1. Does anybody know where to fint these stickfonts with all characters?
  2. Can we use UTF-8 within DXF files and use utf-8 compatible stickfonts?
  3. If the stickfonts can be utf-8 and the DXF files awell, can we remove some stickfonts and/or combine them somehow?

Let me know your thoughts about this.


SVN Update with Images and text to LibreCAD


it’s sunday night and raining, and as usual there is nothing on the TV, except the 20th repetition of friends, or a old movie where they show about every 7.5 minutes 5 minutes of advertisement, yuk!

I just updated SVN with a new version of LibreCAD, in comparison with revision 102 (Beta 4) nothing was changed except there is a new splash screen, and all words and files where renamed/changed so that Caduntu is changed the LibreCAD.

Also, be reminded that the projects location is changed to : so don’t forget to update your bookmarks and/or SVN locations.


CADuntu Beta 4

Hello all!

I am in the middle of moving to a other house, but I guess I can spare a couple of minutes to create a new blog entry.

A couple of weeks ago, I released a Beta3, and shortly after user found some issues, so I never officially announced a Beta 3. I made all changes and here it is… Beta 4!

So what’s fixed then in 3&4?

  • Button/text overlap in toolbar area : 3101744, 3101614
  • Restore and save dockstate: 3091386 patch by Rallaz
  • Replaced older dxflib with new dxf library
  • Added polyline support: from Jan’s qcad free
  • Fixed crash on command line interaction: 3098531 reported by Adamzone
  • Fixed library browser : 3090688, reported by Rallaz
  • Fixed empty images during export: 3095753
  • Closing app works now correctly, when pressing cancel you really cancel: 3103190
  • Layers can be deleted, so as blocks: 3102199, 3105191 reported by rodrigopitanga
  • utf-8 support for layers and block names :
  • Menu errors (also in QCAD) : 3092018 reported by Robert
  • Switching between multiple drawings: 3056455 reported by sliptronic
  • Add some default libraries so the library browser show something.
  • More little things and stuff…

So, all in all I think CADuntu is much more mature now and I am really happy with the support from everybody! There is much more to come, but personally I am hoping to start working on my CAM additions so I can finally put my Mechmate to good use!


What I am currently working on…

A quick update to let you know what I have been doing.

Some people have been supply bug reports to the sourceforge page, and I want to thank them again for doing that, if you didn’t and found a bug or want a feature, let me know on the bug tracker!

At revision 70 I fixed the library widget, thanks to the patch from Rallaz, apart from that a little work was needed to make sure that libraries in a users home directory could picked up and that thumbnail generation worked properly.

I asked Andrew if I can include his Part Library in the CADuntu release because no license information was given, however you are free to download his, or any other parts library and put it in you library directory for your platform.

  • Linux/Unix users : ~/.caduntu/library
  • OSX users use : ~/Documents/CADuntu/library
  • Windows user use : c:\Documents and Settings/<your username>/My Documents/Caduntu/library

CADuntu Library browser

Rallaz also prepared RPM’s for the following Linux distributions : OpenSUSE, Mandriva and Fedora they can be downloaded from this location :

Robert von Knobloch Submitted a bug report where a couple of menu entries where incorrectly displayed, this was solved in patch 69 and 70, thanks Robert for that, I completly over looked it.


CADuntu compile how-to on Debian 64 bit and Ubuntu

Today I did some testing on Ubuntu and Debian to see what’s needed to compile CADuntu on one of these distributions. As such, I installed Virtualbox on my MacBook and downloaded a fresh version of Debian 5.0.6, 64 bits and Ubuntu 10.10.

Compile Instructions for Ubuntu:

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 myself with default settings. Next thing you need to do is fire up a terminal.

Start terminal in Ubuntu

Once you fired up the terminal, you need to install the qt4 development libraries, tools, compiler and subversion.

Running APT to install software

Commands to run:

sudo apt-get install g++ gcc make git-core subversion libqt4-dev qt4-qmake libqt4-qt3support qt4-dev-tools

Depending on what you already have installed apt will find out the dependencies and install the missing software on your computer.

Once you have a development environment on your computer, it’s time to create a source directory and download CADuntu from SVN.

Create source directory and download CADUbtu from SVN

Checking out CADuntu from SVN

Commands to run:

cd ~
mkdir source
cd source
svn co caduntu

Checking out CADuntu from SVN will take anywhere between 5 seconds to 30 seconds or longer, depending on the speed of sourceforge and your internet connection speed. It should end with something like: Checked out revision 69. For you the number will properly be different and higher. Now you can run qmake (or qmake-qt4) to create a makefile.

Running qmake to make a makefile for CADuntu

Commands to run:

cd caduntu/trunc

Time to compile! Simply run make:

Commands to run:


Compiling CADuntu might take a while, depending on the speed of your computer, but just let it run until it finishes. When it finishes, you will see the very last few lines showing something that translations where copied. See below screenshot.

Starting CADuntu

To start CADuntu run the following commands (see above screenshot):

cd unix

For Debian users the process is exactly the same, except that Debian might not have sudo installed and thus you must install the qt4 libraries using a root account. When the libraries are installed, just quit your root account and login as a normal user, then follow the process from ‘checking out SVN’.


Ries van Twisk

Another fine Beta (2) release of CADuntu


I just released a other Beta release of CADuntu. More issues have been solved and CADuntu keeps looking better each day, I am very happy! Also I am happy to see that the community is picking CADuntu up because there are now many blogs (here, here, here and here……. and here ) that wrote an article about it, thanks to everybody! This makes it even more worth to keep working towards the release candidates and final releases.

What has been improved in CADuntu?

  • Fixed 64 bit builds
  • Fixed hatches not showing up (Yan Zagorskih)
  • Better dialog size handing for some dialogs
  • No more toolbar clutter on the left hand side (Reported by Sliptronic)
  • Improved installer for XP, Vista and Windows Seven
  • Improved status bar message handling

I already got some reports that CADuntu didn’t work on a 64Bits OS like here so I also fixed and tested this on a Debian 64Bits, this would make all 64Bits users very happy. I got in a patch from Yan thanks! that found a bug with hatches, that where not shown up correctly. Also there was a bug where during operations the screen wasn’t updated properly. For example when you selected a line in trim mode, the line would not show up as selected.

With 266 downloads (as of today) am am very happy with the result and how this was picked up you can download a new version at SF overhere:

Ries van Twisk

Beta1 status is reached!

Today I was looking at my roadmap, and it pretty much looks like I reached my beta1 status goal. In my first post I did mentioned I needed to have the following solved for beta release:

  • Make it work as if you are on QCad CE, but then with the qt4 interfaces – DONE
  • Fix all segfaults – DONE

However, not only that was solved, I also managed to make basic OSX and Windows packages. They are pretty much ‘bare bone’ and for OSX I really want to make a DMG installed, but now it’s just a zip. Most people on OSX would know what to do with that, right?

Anyways, for windows I created a NSIS file that will be soon committed to SVN so anybody that knows NSIS better then me, and that should be pretty much everybody that knows NSIS can create a better version.

Hope you enjoy this version of CADUntu and please leave a comment if it worked, or if not worked for you here or in the tracker in sourceforce.

R. van Twisk