August 1.0.0rc2 released

It’s been already two months ago since our 1.0.0rc1 release, but we haven’t been sitting still.

We have had over 200 commits from rc1 to rc2 and change keep coming in. We have had even more reports on our bug trackers on and more developers have been joining the project.

Also worth to mention is that our mailing/forum list is used on a day-by-day base with over 250 messages in 2 months.

One of the more notisable items solved is that the help file should work now for all users, OSX, Windows and Linuxs. The reason for this working under some situations and sometimes not was because I forgot to add the sqlite drivers to the installation packages. Because of this no help was displayed. For the persons where the help did display the double-click needed to activate a page was not always disc offered so we change this to a single click.

I want to thank the following people for there help:

  • Rallaz, he is our expert in Qt and DXF file formats, he does a tremendous jobs porting to pure qt4 and fixing bugs in the dxf parser
  • Li is our math wizard, he has been optimizing the ellipse functions and is working on more of the math related items within LibreCAD
  • Claude has been submitting more reports then I can count, he is helping on the mailing list and even get’s his hands dirty on some code and making patches
I can’t thank you enough guys for helping with this project!
What’s next is that we will properly make a rc3. There are still 20 bugs that we need to take a look at and that might need to get fixed into our very first release.

LibreCAD 1.0.0rc1 Release (Get It While It’s Still Hot)


we are very happy to announce that we created a our first release candidate 1.0.0rc1 to be precise and we created installer packages for both Windows and OSX you can download. Linux users are advised to use there distributions package management. More information can be found here for Debian and Ubuntu, RPM packages for OpenSuse, Mandriva and Fedora. If you know or have packages or installation methods for other distributions, please get in touch with us so we can add the information or link to you.

What has changed?

Many things has happened since our beta5. To name a few:

  1. Created new Logo thanks to Diego
  2. Create new icons thanks to pablo
  3. Many translations has been added, we are now at 24 translations, WOW!!!
  4. Lot’s of bugfixes that where reported by users through sourceforge. Bug Tracking
  5. Rallaz is working on a plugin interface he is doing great work.
  6. A inline help file (the original QCad) help file is now included.
  7. LibreCAD has now a official website where general (non developer) information can be found.
  8. A plugin interface is being added, this is still work in progress….
  9. And last but not least, we added a donation option. hint….hint

We see a lot if blogs talking about LibreCAD something that’s very positive and when doing general google searches we see the number of results just on LibreCAD increasing, this is just great!

Source Repository

Our currently official source repository is now located at github. If you don’t know git or github well, not to fear, there is a download option available that can give you a tarbal of one of the tags, or simple the latest version available. We also keep the SVN repository at source forge in sync with github, but it won’t contain any tags and it might be outdated with a couple of commits. This is currently a manual job to sync this up. For any package maintainers, please use github, that will always give you the latest version and a proper tag if you have any specific git questions please let us know.

User and developer communication

We are now using Nabble as our official developer and user communication method and we embedded the forum on teh website for easy access. You can use as a forum if you like forums better, but it’s also possible to use your mail client to submit questions and receive answers. The forum is located here. The forum at SF is still available for reference, but we prefer the Nabble system for user and developer communication.

If you have any patches (plain diffs) or bug you would like to discuss you use the source forge trackers over here. If you did clone our github repo at github, you can simple send us pull requests we will review and apply. We will however keep en eye on both trackers it’s just that github’s issue tracker is like sticky notes compared to source forge bugtracker. It’s just that github’s git integration rocks!

Special thanks

I would like to put a special thanks to the following persons:

  • Scott for helping adding LibreCAD into Ubuntu and Debian distributions
  • Rallaz for supporting and adding new features to LibreCAD and for his RPM repository, he is working on a plugin interface aswell!
  • Diego and Pablo for supplying the program icons and splash screens, as promised you are mentioned in the about of LibreCAD.
  • All translators, they are doing a great job translating LibreCAD into new languages and improving the current translations.
  • All submitters of patches and bugs into a bugtrack. Some items I simply don’t find because I don’t use a specific OS or don’t use a specific feature.

Let us know what you thing!

Have a great weekend


June developer update

This is a quick post to let people know what has happened in May.

  1. Translations: THANK YOU to all our translators! LibreCAD has been translated (or updated translations of) the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Ukraine in addition to the languages that existed in the previous release. This is a phenominal effort by the volunteers at
  2. A huge amount of activity on github (over 100 commits last month). Highlights include adding Windows and Mac OSX installer .exe and .pkg for easy installation, Rallaz added a plugin interface to extend LibreCAD and is porting from Qt3 Support libraries to pure Qt4, adding translations, fixing a crasher bug, and the new icons logo and splash screen.
  3. Development of a new home page that is explain LibreCAD and point users to download, installation instructions, and support mailing lists (which are also being set up)
  4. LibreCAD is growing!  500 downloads a day from Sourceforge, and getting close to 10,000 installs on Linux distributions.

The current plan is to finish the new website and then release a Release Candidate (RC1). You can always grab the code from github to build yourself (instructions are on that site) to see a preview of the current state of LibreCAD.

Thanks again to all the contributors and developers!

Need help: Translations!

LibreCAD now has a translations server! Visit to check it out. Information is available at:

If you have OSS translation experience and have tips on how to improve our system, would like to add translations for more languages, or would like to become an “official” translator so you can approve people’s suggestions and submit what will become “official” translations, please comment on this post!

Adding DWG support

Currently I am doing some experimentation to add DWG support to LibreCAD. For this I an using the LibreDWG (I like Libre 😉 ) library from the project.
There is only one slight issue, LibreDWG is released as GPLv3 or higher, while LibreCAD is released as GPLv2, and since I am not the original author of LibreCAD (remember, it’s QCad based, and that is released as GPLv2).
Lucky us, after mailing the original authors they are considering releasing LibreDWG as GPLv2 or higher which will bring us in good shape for supporting the frequently requested DWG support.
In the last couple of days, I have been fooling around with this and it seems like that will work quite well, however not every primitive and function is working yet and there is plenty of things todo, but what I have been adding went fairly smooth.
So far I am importing:
  • Layers + Layer clor
The following entities including Color, Line Width and Respected layer the entity is located on.
  • Line
  • Circle
  • Arc
  • Ellipse
The above entities are for me a proof of concept and proofs that adding full DWG support (what LibreDWG support) should be quite a bit of work, but I don’t expect any roadblocks for further implementation.
Now it’s waiting untill LibreDWG get’s released as GPLv2 or higher and I can push this to LibreCAD on github.
In the mean time, if you want to take a sneak peek at the current code, you can clone my github repo and checkout the dwgsupport branch. Please don’t distribute this version, just use it as a sneak peek until the licenses are settled.

Screenshot of LibreCAD with DWG support

Beta 6 plans, Community Development, Ubuntu 11.04

Here’s an update with what LibreCAD is up to:

Logo contest update:

There were some great submissions and comments, but no clear cut choice for the logo. Dalton Designer appears to be the leader. We’re going to set up another poll on the front page of librecad where you can vote, and hopefully get more people interested so we can come to a more general consensus. We’ve also been working on improving the icons inside of LibreCAD to adopt our own unique color scheme (green) and remove non translatable text from the icons.

Beta 6 plans:

Work is continuing on Beta 6. An autosave feature is completed, and we expect the new icons, logos, and splash screen. For the future, we’re also planning on getting the help working (ported from qt3’s qassistant to qt4), but that might come after beta 6.

Community Development:

The interest in the LibreCAD project has greatly increased since Ries started it a couple months ago. To keep a project of this size sustainable, it needs constant contributions from the community. To facilitate a move to a distributed development model, we’ve started up a github repository. Future development will take place there, as will bug tracking. We’ve also set up a wiki that anyone could contribute to.

GitHub location:
Issue tracking:

For those new with github:

We’ll evaluate pull requests from anyone, and if someone shows enough interest we can give upload access to the main repository.  Fork the code, fix a bug or add a feature!

We’re a community project, so we are always looking for help:

  1. Bug reports
  2. Participate on the forums (we need to set some up! if you’re interested in helping ries moderate and maintain the forums, reply to this post)
  3. Translations
  4. Bug fixing, incorporating new features
  5. Edit and maintain the wiki
  6. Just using and testing LibreCAD!

On a related note, check out a Spanish-speaking site for LibreCAD at: (thanks to Pablo “PRAR”)

Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty):

LibreCAD will be in the default Ubuntu repositories for version 11.04. You can install it from the Software Center! It will also be the default CAD for Edubuntu.



First o all for the people that celebrate New Year around this time, a Happy new Year and the best wishes for 2011! May the source be with us…

I need your help with something. LibreCAD comes by default with a set of stickfonts. However there are some symbols that are not available in these stickfonts, for example Ñ and ñ and possible many others, we have also some entries in the bugtracker revering to these missing characters. Now these stick fonts are not my strongest point so my questions are:

  1. Does anybody know where to fint these stickfonts with all characters?
  2. Can we use UTF-8 within DXF files and use utf-8 compatible stickfonts?
  3. If the stickfonts can be utf-8 and the DXF files awell, can we remove some stickfonts and/or combine them somehow?

Let me know your thoughts about this.


SVN Update with Images and text to LibreCAD


it’s sunday night and raining, and as usual there is nothing on the TV, except the 20th repetition of friends, or a old movie where they show about every 7.5 minutes 5 minutes of advertisement, yuk!

I just updated SVN with a new version of LibreCAD, in comparison with revision 102 (Beta 4) nothing was changed except there is a new splash screen, and all words and files where renamed/changed so that Caduntu is changed the LibreCAD.

Also, be reminded that the projects location is changed to : so don’t forget to update your bookmarks and/or SVN locations.


CADuntu Beta 4

Hello all!

I am in the middle of moving to a other house, but I guess I can spare a couple of minutes to create a new blog entry.

A couple of weeks ago, I released a Beta3, and shortly after user found some issues, so I never officially announced a Beta 3. I made all changes and here it is… Beta 4!

So what’s fixed then in 3&4?

  • Button/text overlap in toolbar area : 3101744, 3101614
  • Restore and save dockstate: 3091386 patch by Rallaz
  • Replaced older dxflib with new dxf library
  • Added polyline support: from Jan’s qcad free
  • Fixed crash on command line interaction: 3098531 reported by Adamzone
  • Fixed library browser : 3090688, reported by Rallaz
  • Fixed empty images during export: 3095753
  • Closing app works now correctly, when pressing cancel you really cancel: 3103190
  • Layers can be deleted, so as blocks: 3102199, 3105191 reported by rodrigopitanga
  • utf-8 support for layers and block names :
  • Menu errors (also in QCAD) : 3092018 reported by Robert
  • Switching between multiple drawings: 3056455 reported by sliptronic
  • Add some default libraries so the library browser show something.
  • More little things and stuff…

So, all in all I think CADuntu is much more mature now and I am really happy with the support from everybody! There is much more to come, but personally I am hoping to start working on my CAM additions so I can finally put my Mechmate to good use!


What I am currently working on…

A quick update to let you know what I have been doing.

Some people have been supply bug reports to the sourceforge page, and I want to thank them again for doing that, if you didn’t and found a bug or want a feature, let me know on the bug tracker!

At revision 70 I fixed the library widget, thanks to the patch from Rallaz, apart from that a little work was needed to make sure that libraries in a users home directory could picked up and that thumbnail generation worked properly.

I asked Andrew if I can include his Part Library in the CADuntu release because no license information was given, however you are free to download his, or any other parts library and put it in you library directory for your platform.

  • Linux/Unix users : ~/.caduntu/library
  • OSX users use : ~/Documents/CADuntu/library
  • Windows user use : c:\Documents and Settings/<your username>/My Documents/Caduntu/library

CADuntu Library browser

Rallaz also prepared RPM’s for the following Linux distributions : OpenSUSE, Mandriva and Fedora they can be downloaded from this location :

Robert von Knobloch Submitted a bug report where a couple of menu entries where incorrectly displayed, this was solved in patch 69 and 70, thanks Robert for that, I completly over looked it.